Portland's Custom Booth & Upholstery

We have over 30 years of experience building custom restaurant booths, and have served the greater Portland community for over 20 years. We're a family owned business, and take pride in our work. The materials we source are made in the USA. Every piece of the custom booth is hand built by us, and never outsourced. Come visit our showroom in Southeast Portland!

check out our portfolio

We have experience building many styles of booths. Check out our Portfolio!


We work with interior designers to make their custom seating a reality. We're able to build booths with complex shapes and fabrics.


Bring back the buttons! We make sure that each button is aligned perfectly, and each seam folds the exact same way to create a uniform and clean tufted look.

Modern & Simple

We take time to make sure each edge is sharp, yet comfortable. Modern elegance creates a simple and clean look, but it's actually quite difficult to build. We know how to do it right!


We can upholster paneling and install them to create matching accessories! 

Visit our Showroom

 We have a showroom and workshop in Southeast Portland. 

Give us a call at 503-888-8723 to setup a time to visit the showroom. We can usually accommodate same day appointments.

Contact us

Contact Jim at 503-888-8723 or a1booths@yahoo.com